World Parliament & Constitution Association Website

Original Signatories of the

Constitution for the Federation of Earth,

from the Second and Fourth Sessions of the World Constituent Assembly (1977 & 1991)


Many other eminent and not-so-eminent people have personally ratified the Earth Constitution since the beginning of this world constituent process, although these additional ratifiers have not yet participated in any session of the World Constituent Assembly.

What does personal ratification mean? When one signs support for the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, then one is personally ratifying the Earth Constitution. This means that generally the signatory agrees that the following is necessary:

a constitutional and federal world republic, with a tri-cameral world legislature, with provisions to ensure non-military, civilian operation and guarantee of human rights protection.

Personal ratification does not mean or imply that the signer agrees with every last provision of the Earth Constitution, but rather that the Earth Constitution models the correct direction for human society on Earth and in the Cosmos.

World conditions change, and it may be recognized that the Earth Constitution is not perfect. Details or specific provisions may be debated in future sessions of the World Constituent Assembly.