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The Provisional World Parliament adopted the traditional astronomical symbol for Earth as the official world money sign.
Togo, W. Africa, June 2007
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The Provisional World Parliament adopted the ampersand as the official legal substitute for the Earth symbol, for use by typewriters and computers without the Earth Symbol font.


World Parliament Experiment 2008, Bonn, Germany, 23 February to 2 March 2008 -  Open world parliament simulation - working language English (Although this is not the provisional World Parliament and the Experiment itself is not intended to adopt binding world legislation, WCPA and the provisional World Parliament welcomes world parliament simulations. May the Experiment be blessed. Attend if you can!

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Eighth International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (World Judicial Summit) met in early December 2007 at the World Unity Conference Center, organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Six months had transpired since the passing of Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, the late WCPA President who helped inaugurate and build the Conference of Chief Justices. What was the response of the Chief Justices this past December? There is no mention of world parliament, only begging for more power to the military United Nations. Dr. Amerasinghe himself must be rolling at the indignity. Where is the command of Justice? Where is the Order of the World Court? With this embarrassment the People are very disappointed. The People urge the entire integrating World Court System (not just the international bench) to pull Itself together. Your Honors, please come back to Lucknow for the 9th International Conference of Chief Justices and help put this right!

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Election results in from the 11th transnational elections held 22 September 2007 in Paris. 15 out of 20 candidates who campaigned for the Peoples Congress were elected. For more information go to Peoples Congress election results and scroll to the bottom of the page. (According to the World Elections Act of 2004 by the provisional World Parliament, and under the authority of the World Boundaries and Elections Administration, world citizens registration authorities may begin conducting elections for popular representation. The elected candidates serve in the Peoples Congress. Peoples Congress Members who affirm the Earth Constitution and the authority of the provisional World Parliament may also deliberate and vote in the provisional World Parliament during its sessions.)

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10th session of provisional World Parliament convened in Kara, Togo, West Africa in June 2007. The Parliament adopted 3 new world legislative acts addressed at ending world militarism, and one new world legislative act for a worldwide guaranteed annual income. Additionally, rules for a Founding Ratification Convention were deliberated and provisionally adopted, and numerous amendments were made to already existing fiscal world legislation.


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9th Session of provisional World Parliament convened in Tripoli, Libya, April 2006. Eight world legislative acts were adopted, having to do with dismantling the world military system, ensuring worldwide due process of law, and ensuring protection of human rights. Also a first, public utilities were allocated, marking the first time the provisional World Parliament dared to assign money value for disbursal and exchange without waiting for clearance from any national government.

Call to the 9th session of the provisional World Parliament

Invitation to the 9th session of provisional World Parliament



Invitation .rtf

Registration for the 9th session

Registration .rtf

Report of the 9th Session (outside link to radford.edu)




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Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament met at Gomtinagar Campus, City Montessori School, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, from Tuesday, 10th August through Saturday 14th August 2004. This venue was selected by the Seventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament meeting in December 2003, upon the invitation of City Montessori School, Lucknow. Among the legislation adopted by the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament were deliberations for a World Bench for Juvenile Cases, for a Global Peoples Assembly Movement, and for amendments to the world legislative act on the environment.

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Call to the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

Registration for the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

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World Constitution & Parliament Association Joins the ANSWER Coalition - 26th January

On Monday, 26 January 2004, the WCPA took the step of joining the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition (ANSWER). The WCPA is in full agreement with the principles and work of the ANSWER Coalition, and is glad to become a member of the Coalition. Among other actions, WCPA will be participating in the 20th March demonstration in New York City.

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World Constitution & Parliament Association endorses the Call to Action for Solidarity with the Arab and Muslim communities 18 January 2004.

We at the WCPA have historically and consistently expressed solidarity with the Arab and Muslim communities, as also with all oppressed communities. It is proper and good to express this solidarity for justice in the world. Here is the text of the Call:


Dear peace and justice organizations and activists,

On March 20, 2004, the world will mobilize against war and colonial occupations. The significance of this historic day is evident to all and requires no further elaboration. The political clarity and character of this mobilization in the US, however, remains illusive.

This is where our community stands:

In confronting war, the people of Palestine and Iraq have paid dearly. They stand against the imperial project shoulder to shoulder with communities of color and the working class in the United States, along with great many subjugated peoples around the globe - from Afghanistan to Colombia, and from the Philippines to Vieques, and on. Without a doubt, the Palestinian and Iraqi people are both welded together in an inextricable unity at the forefront of the global anti-war movement, transforming themselves as a whole as its embodiment and paying in its defense with the dearest of all - their very existence. Yet, despite every home destroyed, child murdered, acre confiscated and tree uprooted, town colonized and ethnically cleansed, wall built, refugee remaining nation-less, and incremental robbery of their self-determination, they remain the very antithetical formulation of empire and with a vision of justice for all.

In the United States, we, Arab-Americans and Muslims, have been maliciously targeted, stripped of our rights, and positioned outside the constitutional framework of this country. A new COINTELPRO has been unleashed against our homes and living rooms, as our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters are plucked away and thrown into unknown prison cells. Thus, in a continuum of history, we stand with African Americans, Japanese Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and all others in the painful struggle for justice. From them all, we take our cue, for they are our predecessors and our partners in this long march.

Accordingly, we the undersigned hereby declare that:

1. We do not accept delinking the struggle of the Palestinian people from the anti-war movement, and regard the struggle in Palestine, as it is viewed worldwide, to be central to any peace and justice mobilization.

2. We insist that the Palestinian right to return and to self-determination are the key anchors of the Palestinian struggle, and that organizations that attempt to diminish, sidetrack, or abrogate these rights, regardless of any other position they may take on Palestine, are acting contrary to the will and aspiration of the Palestinian people.

3. We view all attempts to relegate our collective presence to the margin and to tokenize our participation in the movement to be racist in character. In its attempt to silence the Arab and Muslim voices for decades, particularly that of the Palestinian people, the movement in the US has stood alone in the global movement for justice. We see ourselves as full partners in leading the movement as signified in the heavy price we continue to pay along the way, and reject any attempt to objectify our presence.

4. We regard the positions that the "colonial occupation of Iraq must be internationalized", or that ending the occupation must be conducted over a period of time until the "Iraqis are able to secure their democracy", as implicitly colonial and racist. These are positions that are rooted in the construct of "manifest destiny" and the "white man's burden" to "civilize".

5. We call on our people everywhere to hold all organizations accountable to the positions they take, especially those that depict racist attitudes towards us, implicitly or otherwise, particularly those that tokenize and objectify our struggle. Any organization or movement that finds it acceptable to minimize or disregard for political expediency the struggle of any people should not be allowed to function within the global justice movement. Justice is neither selective, nor partial or conditional.

We are firm on these principles for the March 20th mobilization and beyond as we call on all communities and organizations to mobilize and stand in force under the following unifying five slogans:

1. End all colonial occupations from Iraq to Palestine to everywhere!
2. Bring the troops home NOW!
3. No to internationalizing colonial occupations!
4. Stop the attacks on civil liberties!
5. Money for jobs, education, and healthcare not for war!

As we salute and stand empowered with sectors of the movement that have taken a principled stand on justice, we seek to participate in the empowerment of all as we call for a genuine global united front against war.

All out on March 20, 2004!

Listed in alphabetical order. To join as an organizational signatory or to be listed in solidarity, please write to: rashmawi@sbcglobal.net

A Call to Action for Solidarity with the Arab-American and Muslim Community!

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Older News:


Graduate School of World Problems plans Seminars in Takoradi, Ghana, 13 May to 30 May 2002, and Lucknow, India, 5 June to 21 June 2002
Takoradi, Ghana Brochure 87Kb .pdf file (black & white)

Lucknow, India Brochure 131Kb .pdf file (b&w)

Lucknow, India Brochure 809Kb .pdf file (color)

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The 3 day Strategy Meeting of the World Constitution and Parliament Association and the Global Ratification and Elections Network, held December 26 , 27, 28 at the City Montessori School, Lucknow, concluded today with tributes paid to Professor Henry Philip Isely, Secretary General and Shri Jagdish Gandhi, Founder Manager of the City Montessori School of Lucknow. It was unanimously decided that the only answer to the present anarchic world situation is the immediate replacement of the United Nations Organisation by a democratic federal World Government and a functioning World Parliament. (MORE)

Photo Gallery - Some select photographs from the December 2001 Lucknow Conference

Documentation for the Lucknow Conference Invitations, Indian Government Approvals

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Lucknow DeclarationOf Jurists on Article 51 of India Constitution

and for a World Parliament

2nd International Conference of World Jurists

on Article 51 of the India Constitution

is to be held from 22 to25 December,

at the City Montessori School in Lucknow, India.

Global Strategy meeting of WCPA

is tentatively to meet in Lucknow, India, from 26 to 28 December 2001.  Among the questions: Will the Provisional World Parliament be able to hold its Sixth Session in India in 2002, as called for by the Fifth Session of the Parliament, which met last November, 2000, in Malta? Further details are to be posted soon (or contact WCPA for specific questions.

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5 November 2001   

In response to both terror hijackings and US retaliatory bombings,

World Constitution & Parliament Association responds.

Declaration on Terrorism and for the Rule of Law on Earth




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2001 - Earth Constitution attains 16 languages on file.

World Headquarters recently received the Earth Constitution in Romanian, Russian, Greek and digitized Chinese (1977 edition, Chinese).  More news on this and credits to be posted soon, along with the various language texts of the Earth Constitution itself.  This brings to sixteen the number of languages in which the Earth Constitution has on hand at World Headquarters.  A current major project is the further digitization of these documents for posting on the Internet for wider dissemination. (Hindi and Thai versions are said to exist. If anyone knows or possesses these two, or other language versions, please contact WCPA World Headquarters. WCPA has a special particular need for Hindi, Bengali, and Malay.)

October-November 2001 COREGEM Seminar postponed from Kalamata, Greece. Graduate School of World Problems considers upcoming seminars in Lucknow, India, and in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and other possible venues.

Coalition on Democratic World Government e-group is currently discussing the compilation, posting and dissemination of quotes by eminent world leaders, past and present, regarding the urgent necessity for democratic world government. Watch for upcoming posts at the web site.