to the Eighth Session of the


11 to 15 August, 2004 at Lucknow, India
in the great hall of the CMS Montessori Schools, Gomptinagar

Since the Seventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament held in Chennai, India, 26-30 December, 2003, a new and more dangerous spectre has come to haunt the world. The United Nations Organization, which had remained dormant and impotent in the face of ever-increasing world crises - not least the fatal consequences of the martyrdom of Iraq, - is entering into an Unholy Alliance with the single Super Power and its allies. Thirsting for a reason to exist, the U.N. is poised to do the scavenging work for the Super Power in Iraq.

Desperate to get into action, the United Nations, with its bureaucracy is succumbing to the Super Power's blandishments. Despite their failure to do what they should have done, stopping the invasion of Iraq, the U.N. is agreeing to take up the role of brokering between contending factions in Iraq. This is what the U.N. thinks is required now and what the Super Power is powerless to accomplish without a new exercise in carnage and horror. The U.N. is therefore cajoled to undertake the scavenging job.

The Charter wanted the United Nations to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war; not to foist unwanted regimes on a defenseless people. The need of the hour is to eradicate all attempts at despotic world dictatorship overt or covert by the Super Power or by its unholy alliance with the bureaucracy within the United Nations.

This marriage of convenience between the U.N. and the Super Power portends universal disaster. Yesterday we had the picture of a powerful Super Power and the United Nations, with its "banner torn but flying," in near total opposition - two large bureaucracies in confrontation. Today the picture changes. We have an unholy alliance between a docile U.N. ready to accept any role to justify its existence and a blustering Super Power offering the dirtiest role in human history to convince its 191 membership that with the Super Power's assistance it will play the role the Charter promised, and that a new and more potent U.N. will arise, phoenix-like, from the ashes in which it is now. U.N. members now face a calculated deception to help the U.N. and the Super Power to get out of the mire in which they are both in. The Super Power in the imbroglio that is Iraq today and the U.N. with its record of impotency.

There are encouraging cries throughout the world that the people must rise as one to stop the present drive to make Planet Earth a Totalitarian State. A frustrated humanity is turning increasingly to acts of terrorism, mob violence, suicide bombings, protest marches, burning effigies, and destruction of property. These, however, are not the answer. They only add up to human misery. They play into the hands of the Super Power to a further release of state violence and terror. Neither is the answer mere strong denunciation by leaders of the developing world, mere increasing criticisms in the media, and mere voices of protest in democratic primaries by would-be United States Presidents. They are but welcoming signs that the majority of the world's people would not tolerate World totalitarianism.

For the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament in Lucknow, India, we renew our Call, at a time of great urgency, and reveal our plan to canalize the favourable forces now ranging against the Super Power into a strong movement to establish the Rule of just World Law as against the Rule of Military Force.

The failure of the U.N. is due to the weakness of the Charter. For 58 years, "WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED NATIONS" has built our vain hopes on a caricature of a Constitution. However, the citizens of this Earth are demanding an effective and just world constitution, which the United Nations Charter cannot provide.

This Call, therefore, goes out to the Governments and Peoples of the World that the Rule of Law can be made to prevail only by the establishment of a democratic federal world government and a world parliament under a Constitution For The Federation Of Earth. A world parliament cannot emerge without a World Constitution.

Respecting the decision of venue by the Seventh Session of the Provisional World Parliament, its Standing Executive Cabinet convokes this Call to the Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament. This is a call to National Governments and Legislatures, Universities, Colleges, and Churches, Scientific Academies and Institutions, Peace Organizations, and men and women of goodwill to send delegates and participate in its deliberations.

Dr. T. P Amerasinghe, President

Ms. Eugenia Almand, Parliamentary Secretary

Dr. Glen T. Martin, Vice-President

Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Emeritus President

Shri Jagdish Gandhi, Vice-President