Provisional World Parliament

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Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, August 10-16, 2004

Hosted by City Montessori School, Lucknow, Shri Jagdish Gandhi, Founder-Manager
Organized by the World Constitution and Parliament Association and the Institute on World Problems

Details about agenda and registration to be announced soon.

The Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament will be meeting under the authority of the Constitution of the Federation of Earth, August 10-16, to deliberate and possibly adopt legislation and further develop the infrastructure for the emerging Earth Federation. The Constitution provides for non-military democratic world government, creating a federal government of all nations and peoples and bringing the rule of democratically legislated law to planet Earth.
Delegates from everywhere on Earth are welcome. To be able to vote in the Parliament, delegates must be personal ratifiers of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Personal ratification of the Earth Constitution can be done with registration.

We recommend that you read the Manifesto of the Earth Federation, the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, and examine the work of previous parliaments in order to be an informed and active delegate. This can be found at the website of the Institute On World Problems at www.worldproblems.net,and at the World Parliament website at www.worldparliamentgov.net (posted legislation to have PWP Session 2003, Bangkok amendments incorporated soon).
Become a delegate for this momentous historical occasion and help move the world forward to one of freedom, peace, justice, and prosperity under the rule of a duly elected world parliament.

For more information, contact: World Constitution and Parliament Association, North America Office, Dr. Glen T. Martin, Secretary-General. 313 Seventh Ave., Radford VA 24141, USA. Email: gmartin@radford.edu Fax: 540-831-5919.

Attested: Eugenia Almand, Parliamentary Secretary, Provisional World Parliament