Eighth Session of the Provisional World Parliament

is scheduled from 10th through 14th August, 2004, at City Montessori School, Lucknow in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

Call to the Eighth Session

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Honorary Sponsors of the Provisional World Parliament

Statutory Proposals

(pending for Eighth Session)


Bill for amendments to World Legislative Act #9 for the Ministry on Environment

Bill for an Act for a Global Peoples Assembly Movement (GPAM)

Bill for an Act on Juvenile World Court.

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Education Bill


Galbraith on World Parliament

"...the United Nations role must now be open to major discussion--and change. The day will come I believe for a legislative oversight of the world economic and social system, the first step toward world government. And a tax base--a beginning might well be the tax on international financial transactions proposed by Professor James Tobin--the Tobin tax. And more generally and urgently, it must have responsibility in keeping with the new problems-economic, financial, cultural--of internationalism, of the modern global village and the protection of the welfare State....This is not in the area of fantasy. Rather, it is action to accommodate to the modern reality. It is what the underlying and controlling economic and social change has made essential. Let us now begin the serious discussion."

UN Chronicle, no. 3, 1997.
John Kenneth Galbraith is the Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics Emeritus at Harvard University.

(Galbraith is said to have since 1997 reconsidered the propriety of the Tobin tax.)

Session Proposals

(pending for Eighth Session)

1. A Statement on Emerging World Law touching on World Legislative Acts I -25

2. A Statement on the District World Court World Legislative Act #5 and the work we have done and the future.

3. Resolution on a UNCh Article 109 Review Conference of the United Nations.

4. Statement on the Chief Justice Commission on Constitutionalism and
the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

5. Resolution for the promotion of Esperanto as a global auxiliary language.

6. Nomination of personnel for areas or ministries of World Government.

7. Plan for a Ratification Convention in 2005 as discussed at 5th Session of PWP Malta.

8. Declaration of Lucknow 8th Sessions of the PWP.

9. Possible venues for upcoming sessions of the Provisional World Parliament, including: Lomé, TOGO; Dakka, BANGLADESH; Caribbean Basin venue; Sirte, LIBYA, Lagos, NIGERIA,Kolkata, INDIA, and possible returns to Lucknow, INDIA


Declaration of the Rights of the People of Earth to create and ratify a World Constitution and hold sessions of the Provisional World Parliament

Resolution on Good Government and its Essential Tasks under the Earth Federation


Report on progress for world jury system from the World Jury Commission: "In addition to drawing the provisions of these laws within the context of the Earth Constitution, the adjustment of the Rome Statute addresses a primary critique of the ICC Statute, --that is, the House of Peoples version of the statute contains provisions for jury process, a basic human right as recognized by civilized people and governments nearly everywhere."

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Lenin on Parliament

"Criticism--the keenest, most ruthless and uncompromising criticism--must be directed, not against parliamentarianism or parliamentary activities, but against those leaders who are unable--and still more against those who are unwilling--to utilise parliamentary elections and the parliamentary tribune in a revolutionary, Communist manner."

V.I. Lenin (Left-wing communism, an infantile disorder, Chapter VII. Should we participate in bourgeois parliaments?)