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Honorary President for Life Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Mexico
President Dr. Terence P. Amerasinghe, Sri Lanka
Vice-Presidents Dr. Dominique S. Balouki, Togo. Dr. Ramadan Breki, Libya Sri. Jagdish Gandhi, India. Dr. Dauji Gupta, India, Dr. Errol E. Harris, U.K., Dr. Roger Kotila, USA., Dr. Karen Singh, India
Secretary - General Dr. Glen T. Martin, USA
Deputy Secretary General Ms. Eugenia Almand, USA
Treasurer Dr. Glen T. Martin, USA
Youth Coordinator H.M. Sarwar Alam, Canada/Bangladesh

20 June 2005

Dear Citizen of the emerging Earth Federation:

Please accept this letter as our invitation to participate in the historic ninth session of the provisional World Parliament to be held in Libya from 25 February to March 3, 2006 under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. In conjunction with our Libyan colleagues in the Revolutionary Committees Movement, we have worked out an exciting itinerary.

Delegates and Observers should arrive in Tripoli on February 24. The ninth session of Parliament will take place in Tripoli from Feb. 25 to 27th. On February 28, we will be given a tour of the fabulous ancient Roman City of Leptis Magna on the Mediterranean coast east of Tripoli. From there we will continue east to the city of Sirt where we will have an international conference on "The Concept of Democracy: Image and Reality" from March 1st to 3rd, hosted by RCM, returning to Tripoli on the evening of the 3rd. March 4, participants will leave Libya to return home.

All expenses within Libya are covered. Participants must only cover the cost of international travel plus the modest registration fee for the Parliament: U.S. $25 for developing countries and U.S. $100 for participants from North America, Western Europe, and Japan. The Parliament is organized by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) in cooperation with the Institute On World Problems (IOWP).
As you may know, the WCPA and IOWP have recently been very active: participating in international meetings, holding seminars in different parts of the world, and working with other organizations to promote the emerging Earth Federation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

We are now working closely with the publishing house of Institute for Economic Democracy Press as well as with the Universal Love and Brotherhood Association (ULBA) to promote democratic world government in conformance with the Earth Constitution. Each of us who can participate has a right and a duty to do so. See "Declaration of the Rights of the People of Earth" that was unanimously approved at the eighth session of the provisional World Parliament in Lucknow, India in August 2004. We look forward to seeing you at this important session of Parliament!

Yours in peace and hope,

Dr. T. P Amerasinghe, President

Dr. Glen T. Martin, Secretary General

Sir Dr. Reinhart Ruge, Emeritus President

Ms. Eugenia Almand, Deputy Secretary General

"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair!"